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Mountain High Maps Globe Catalog Russian view centered on 60 N and 70 E - Omsk
Globe Specifications for Russian view centered on 60 N and 70 E - Omsk

Map identification: 725 Projection system: Orthographic
Map coverage: Globes RGB file size: 14.4 Mb
Image size (pixels): 2,193 x 2,281 pixels CMYK file size: 19.3 Mb
Image size (inches): 7.31 x 7.60 inches Grayscale file size:   4.8 Mb
Image size (metric): 186 x 193 millimeters Horizontal scale: 1:10,000,000
Resolution per pixel: 3,700 meters Vertical scale: 1:410,416
Vertical exaggeration: 24.4 times normal Vertical interval: 125 meters

Globe view of Asia & Russia #725 - Buying Options

Physical Product Shipment


Globe view of Asia & Russia
available in 3 alternative packages:

Mountain High Maps (4 CD) Regular Edition
Mountain High Maps (8 CD) Studio Edition
MH Maps Continental Edition (1 CD) World & Globe Views Disc 4

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Color Globe view of Asia & Russia download

Complete Mountain High Maps Relief and Vector Map Package for download

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