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Licensing Web and Multimedia use

Regarding the use of Mountain High Maps® images within your organization, we have developed the following guidelines for licensing of MHM images for use on WWW sites and Multimedia use. The following terms must be considered in conjunction with the clauses covered in our normal License Agreement . Licensing is approved if the following conditions are followed:

The final image should be low resolution (typically 72 dpi screen resolution) for this type of media.

Map images should be modified, enhanced and customized with your specific message to include graphics (text, symbols, icons, copyright etc.). The intent is to reasonably prevent use or reuse of the original images (grayscale or colorized) by third parties.

Map images on CD-ROM should be hidden, compiled or encrypted in order to be inaccessible as files that third parties could extract from your CD-ROM media.

Atlas restrictions apply to electronic media. The map images should not exceed 25 screens and be less than 25% of the total screen content of your project. Please consult with Digital Wisdom for additional licensing if you wish to exceed this limit.

Map images should carry a copyright icon ©Mountain High Maps® and can be credited either on the image or in your colophon in the normal manner.

Map images are licensed for a single domain web site.

Map images are licensed up to 10,000 copies of any multimedia title using the first license. Additional licenses may be obtained for production volumes in excess of 10,000 copies.

Two copies of any published electronic media should be sent to Digital Wisdom along with your license registration card. WWW sites using MHM material should be identified by email to Digital Wisdom immediately they are put into service.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments regarding the above. Our experience has determined that most developers in Multimedia and Web site design have found it relatively easy to meet and comply with our licensing conditions.

Any comments or problems with these downloads? Please let us know - thank you!
© Digital Wisdom, Inc.