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Photorealistic globe and map images, derived from Earth-observation satellite imagery, specially developed for licensed use in print and multimedia publishing.

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The Earth Images Collection globes and maps were created using Planetary Visions' Satellite Imagemap, a highly realistic image of the surface of the entire Earth. Derived from images taken in the 1980s and 1990s, the Satellite Imagemap represents an accurate and detailed portrait of our world at the end of the twentieth century. More than 30 gigabytes of data from three satellite systems were combined with digital map and terrain data to produce the natural colour Satellite Imagemap with a resolution of 1 kilometre. Learn more about how the Earth Images Collection was created.

The Earth Images Collection is available by download only. The retail price is $US95 for the entire collection, 1179 total images and maps. To order online click here or call 800-800-8560 in the USA and Canada; international calls 804-443-9000.

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The digital images are licensed to an individual or a single organisation for print and multimedia publishing, including use on the web. See Terms and Conditions of Use. The Satellite Imagemap and other datasets are available under separate licence for 3D graphics use in video, film and broadcast television. Contact Digital Wisdom for further details.

Credits and acknowledgements
Satellite Imagemap, globes and maps Copyright © Planetary Visions Limited.
Developed with the support of the info2000 programme of the European Commission