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Welcome to the Digital Wisdom Customer Showcase.

Digital Wisdom, with its award winning collection of Version 4.0 Mountain High Maps, continues to set new precedents in digital mapping on a routine basis. MHM V. 2.5 is a high-resolution (300-dpi) software collection that includes 78 relief maps plus an additional 39 global views. This mapmaking software package is the preferred choice of professionals who use maps and globes in their design work. However, this 4 CD-ROM set, containing numerous maps and a line art collection, is sufficiently "user friendly" to permit beginners to easily work with it. Included within the map collection are relief maps, world globes, and animations.

Digital Wisdom's users include The Weather Channel, CNN, Lonely Planet, NASA, British Telecom, American Airlines, British Airways, the recent motion picture Mission Impossible and a myriad of professional and personal Web sites. In his product review conducted in September/October 1998, Scott Kelby wrote in Mac Today: "Although there are other players in the map market, I haven't seen anyone do it better than Mountain High Maps."

Four applications have been selected to illustrate to the reader just what all of the excitement is about: News & Weather; Advertising & Print; Airlines & Travel and World Wide Web display. We are confident that, after reviewing the included materials, you will reach the conclusion that Mountain High Maps can help you in your business or personal application.

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