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Technical Specifications


EARTHSHOTS™ is a unique library of colored relief maps of our planet’s continents and ocean floors. On each of the 70 titles in the series you’ll find stunning maps in a wide variety of dramatic special effects beautifully designed to give maximum impact. Each disc contains a single map from the Mountain High Maps collection that has been expertly colored in 250 different variations including political, physical and abstract representations. The maps are in industry-standard format and can be quickly and easily loaded into desktop design, publishing, presentation, draw, paint, or image editing programs for the highest quality presentation. These texture world maps are also highly suited to wrapping, animation and rendering for 3D animation using such popular software as StrataVision, LightWave, 3D Studio to name a few.


Where previously the cost of a photo stock was expensive or inappropriate, you can now customize and liven up your presentation or artwork with cost-effective and ready-to-use EARTHSHOTS™ images. The competitive pricing allows use in advertising, promotional material, corporate presentations, multimedia, television, video and movie use, and many other applications. Use EARTHSHOTS ™ to give your graphics that extra creative edge!


EARTHSHOTS™ is published on a hybrid format Windows or Macintosh computers. Each volume comes in bitmap format images can be opened by applications that can open or import JPEG format files, typically Adobe Photoshop and many more. The album pack includes image library, illustrated user guide on disc, warranty and registration card, and license agreement.


EARTHSHOTS collection contains 250 JPEG images. The images are fully compatible with MOUNTAIN HIGH MAP - FRONTIERS™, which can be used to selectively add overlays for country borders, country names, city locations, city names, rivers, river names, latitude and longitude, linear scales, individual countries and many more features.

FRONTIERS™, provides unparalleled flexibility and customizing capability with a wide range of matching cartographic features. The above example shows an EarthShots image, before and after the Frontiers TIFF mask has been used in a Photoshop channel to mask out the ocean floor and apply a continuous tone color. In fact the additional disc which may be purchased as the "EarthShots + Frontiers Combo" allows complete customization, allowing any of the 250 EarthShots images to cut and pasted with any other image from the series, taking for example the ocean texture from one image and dropping it on to another image.


The map collection images are high resolution 300 dpi, 24-bit RGB color, and are typically sized at 2569 x 1726 pixels in horizontal and vertical axis giving file sizes of approximately 12.7 Mbytes in RGB or 17 Mbytes ifconverted to CMYK. The images are compressed using highest quality JPEG to a file size of 0.5 to 3 Mbytes on disc, and decompress transparently into most applications. Image resolution is optimized to support high quality output at full-page size. For a full specification of the #604 World map image used in the EarthShots series, check our Map Catalog specification and parameter page.


Reproduction rights granted with your purchase of EARTHSHOTS™ allow internal use and, with free registration, almost unlimited commercial use. Restrictions on use of the EARTHSHOTS™ collection require that the images should not form part of another clip art collection or be made available to third parties in their original form. For a full copy of the EarthShots License Agreement, check the license page, and if you plan on using the image on the web, please check our web use licensing.

A thumbnail catalog of all 250 images on the EarthShots World title can be downloaded from this web site - use the download catalog button below to activate. If you do not have the Kudo Image Browser software, this may be also downloaded free of charge.

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