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Frequently Asked Questions - Jaggies Suppression

Instructions for reducing the jaggies effect on hi-res GlobeShots images:

  1. Open circle mask TIFF file.

  2. Filter > Noise > Median

  3. Select maximum radius: 16 pixels. OK. This may take a few minutes.

  4. Select > All, Edit > Copy

  5. Open the relevant High Resolution Globe with background.

  6. Create a New Channel using right pointing arrow. If not shown Window > Palette (PC only) > Show Channels.

  7. Edit > Paste mask into new channel window.

  8. Click on RGB in channel palette.

  9. Select > Load selection.

  10. Choose Select > Feather, in dialog box set radius = 1 pixel. OK

  11. Edit > Copy, close window.

  12. Open a background of your choice to apply globe on.

  13. Edit > Paste Globe into background.

  14. Select > Defringe, in dialog box set = 2 pixel width. OK

  15. Results in a globe with a smoother edge.

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