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Layers and selectivity

Layers in Illustrator offer a high degree of selectability. The layers palette provide the ability to switch on selective features within each map, and most important, when selected, allow you to modify color, stroke, content at will to enable complete customization of the map.

This example of the contents of a typical Frontiers map shows the layers palette for map #214 Northern South America.

Layers are available for:

    Box Rule - outline box in 1 point around the map that fits the corresponding Mountain High Map

    Linear scales in miles and kilometres, usually placed as a group graphic outside the box of map. This enables it to be deleted without affecting the map.

    Graticules of latitude and longitude, as appropriate for the scale of the map - two layers are provided, one for the longitude and latitude lines, and one layer for the value of the parallels or meridians placed just outside the map box outline.

    City locations, and city names as two separate editable layers.

    Physical feature name layers for (i) Physical features land, such as mountain ranges or peaks, (ii) Physical features ocean for names of seas, oceans or gulfs, etc. (iii) Island names, all as separate editable layers.

    Separate name layers for River names and for Country names - these can be used selectively in conjunction with the actual line artwork in layers below. The ability to switch on or off a layers, allows the designer to highly customize the level of information presented on the final map and control the level of clutter.

    Coastlines in 0.25 point lines.

    Hydrography - river and tributary systems

    Individual countries in 0.25 point, all country borders in 0.5 point.

    White fills for lakes and inland water areas.

    Individual Country Land Fill colors - for each country featured on the part in whole or in part an editable fill color is provided. When used with the background placed relief artwork, the country land fill color is switched off to allow the relief texture to be viewed. The feature can be used most effectively when it is necessary to focus attention on one country using the relief texture, and switching on the flat color fills for the surrounding countries.

    Placed or Background Art, typically the layer used to place one of the Mountain High Maps variations providing relief texture to the map.

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