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Mountain High Maps EARTHSHOTS World 604 - Mac/Win ITEM 0274 - $19

Download EarthShots Collection


Want to give your map graphics the impact and authority of world renowned MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS--but your budget won't stretch to it? Here's your chance with EarthShots, a fabulous CD-ROM collection of full-color relief maps of our planet's continents and ocean floors.

The series contains a single map from the MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS collection which has been expertly colorized in no fewer than 250 variations! On the CD-ROM disc you'll find stunning maps in a wide variety of political and topographical themes showing, for example, climate, vegetation, living standards, and distribution of population and many more artistic and other popular themes.

You'll also find accurately constructed simulations of the Earth as viewed from space, as well as many just plain, beautifully colorized maps - and some wild and whacky ones, too! The maps come in ready-to-use industry-standard JPEG format, and are royalty-free. Use EarthShots to give all your print, multimedia, broadcast, and DTP map graphics even greater cartographic and creative authority! Volume 6.04 World Map Gall Projection (JPEG) is based on Mountain High Maps world map - see specification.

EarthShots is particularly useful to 3D animators who need texture maps to create rotating or spinning globes. Any of the World map EarthShots images (2569 x 1726 pixels - approx 12.7 Mb RGB) can be readily cropped and applied to a globe wireframe or model to allow texture rendering in a wide variety of formats. For added flexibility, the EarthShots maps can be customized with your own graphics or icons, or using the Frontiers masks, special features may be added prior to rendering.

EarthShots + Frontiers is available as a combo 2 CD-ROM pack. The flexibility of Mountain High Maps Frontiers masks, paths and EPS maps for World Gall map #604 allows unlimited customization of the EarthShots series of images. Using either a ocean/land mask or any of the over 200 country masks in Photoshop allows any EarthShots image to be accurately taken apart, have customized effects applied and reconstituted in any manner suitable to your presentation.

The additional refinement of opening either the multi-layered Illustrator EPS or FreeHand world map, then placing any EarthShots "as art" behind these vector maps, extends the designer options to a wide range of cartographic or presentation projects. An Illustrator User Guide supplied with the product or available online on this web site explains in detail the step by step operations.

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