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Mountain High Map Frontiers 4.0 make professional digital mapmaking easy and affordable

The new Mountain High MapsŪ Frontiers Edition Version 4.0 contains a global collection of 71 fully editable world and country geopolitical vector maps complete with the same comprehensive layers of editable place and feature names as the full Mountain High Maps or Studio Editions.

These top quality, highly detailed outline maps will load instantly into any of the popular graphics applications where line styles, width and color can be customized along with country fills and place names; or they can be imported directly into page layout or presentation applications. Illustrator users will find that the huge number of selectable and editable layers will greatly enhance their map customization and productivity.

Mountain High MapsŪ Frontiers Edition Version 4.0 is competitively priced as this hybrid Mac/Windows product also includes the full suite of Photoshop paths to make it easy to create customizable bitmap versions of all the maps if required. Note that you do not need Frontiers when purchasing Mountain High Maps, Studio or Continental Editions since it already is an integral part of these products.

General description and product overview

MOUNTAIN HIGH MAP FRONTIERS is a collection of the highest quality editable outline maps of the world's continents, country borders and coastlines. MOUNTAIN HIGH MAP FRONTIERS can be easily and quickly loaded into any desktop design, publishing, presentation, draw, paint, or image editing program for the highest quality geographical representation of any part of the world. Using appropriate application software you can manipulate and customize each map to your own requirements.

Political accuracy

Mountain High Maps Version 4.0 has been revised for all known and ratified political border decisions as of March 1998 based on data from the Office of the Geographer at the US Department of State, Washington DC and the International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU) at the University of Durham in England. A list of unresolved border disputes is included in text form and where appropriate Illustrator borders are marked in purple.

Platform and Application compatibility

MOUNTAIN HIGH MAP FRONTIERS is published on a hybrid formatfor both Windows or Macintosh computers. These images are used with any software package that imports EPS, TIFF format files. The album pack includes user manual including a map reference guide, diskette with latest use tips and examples, and license agreement.


All maps can be opened in an appropriate image editor, paint, sketch, draw or desktop publishing application and edited, modified or enhanced with your own material. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and other similar applications will open one or more MOUNTAIN HIGH MAP FRONTIERS formats.

File formats

All map files are available in both platforms and in the following formats:
Illustrator files MAC version 5.0 or later, WIN version 7.0 or later
All presented as 300 dpi and 72 dpi, 1 bit mask files, grayscale shadow masks, and Adobe Photoshop paths in separate files.

Every map is available in three different file formats and are designed to fit their corresponding MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS® high resolution images (300 dpi), or be used independently as a stand-alone application.

Worldwide Coverage

Map collection is composed of 71 views as follows:
Africa: 8     America: 16     Asia: 13     Australasia: 4     Europe: 23     Ocean: 3     Polar: 2     World: 2    
To view the coverage, refer to the Mountain High Maps Catalog by continent. The inventory of the relief map collection is identical to the Frontiers inventory of maps except for a redundant world and several alternate polar rotational views are not on the Frontiers disc.

Layers and selectivity

Layers in Illustrator offer a high degree of selectability. The layers palette provide the ability to switch on selective features within each map. Layers are available for:
    Box Rule - outline box in 1 point around the map that fits the corresponding Mountain High Map
    Individual countries in 0.25 point, all country borders in 0.5 point, country names,
    Coastlines in 0.25 point lines and white fills for lakes and inland water areas
    City locations, and city names
    Graticules of latitude and longitude
    Hydrography - river and tributary systems
    Linear scales in miles and kilometres
    Placed or Background Art, typically the layer used to place MHM relief maps

For an example of the contents of a typical Frontiers map check this working layers palette for map #214 Northern South America.

Under TIFF format, where layering does not exist, separate files are provided as follows: Borders only, Borders and Coastlines, Coastlines only, Rivers, Graticules of Latitude and Longitude, Linear scales, Shadow and Vignette masks. A separate TIFF mask file for each individual country contained within the coverage of each projection map is provided - in excess of 1,500 masks for the entire collection.

Map scales

Horizontal scales range from 1:250,000 up to 1:45,000,000. The maps use many projection systems including Mercator, Lambert's equal-area and conformal conic, simple conic and zenithal.

Additional features

The Catalog covers the entire map projection and globe collection as featured in MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS® and the maps featured in the Frontiers collection are shown as thumbnails at the foot of each page.

Also included are detailed user instructions in the form of pictorial documentation, covering the mainstream graphics applications. These User Guides detail step-by-step image manipulation in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator .


Reproduction rights granted with your purchase of MOUNTAIN HIGH MAP FRONTIERS allow internal use and, with free registration, almost unlimited commercial use. The only restrictions we impose are that the MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS collection should not form a substantial part of an atlas or part of another clip art collection. Please review the full text of the license if you are unsure of your specific application.

Frontiers purchase options

There are three options depending on speed and quantity:
    Individual Frontiers map immediate download - select from continental catalogs
            Africa catalog       America catalog
            Asia catalog         Australia catalog
            Europe catalog     World catalog
    Frontiers maps collection immediate download
            Macintosh Frontiers Collection [File Size 83 MB]
            Windows Frontiers Collection [File Size 73 MB]

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