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Online User Guide - BodyShots Business
For additional information, please see the BodyShots Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Introduction

B O D Y S H O T S® is a unique archive of professional stock photographs of people in a variety of theme-specific situations. The poses are deliberately expressive to help you get your message across, conveying in a direct and immediate way the situation being depicted.

On each volume you will find in excess of 300 photographs which you can use, without payment of further fees, in any of your desktop publishing documents, such as advertising, commercial or in-house publications, catalogs, multimedia titles, and so on (subject to the conditions of the BodyShots Business License Agreement included with this pack).

The pictures were shot by top photographers, engaging the services of highly-experienced make-up artists and stylists. The people pictured in the photographs are professional models, each carefully selected from the best model agencies. All of them have signed a "Model Release," (available on request) allowing you to use the pictures of themselves in all circumstances granted by the license agreement. Each shot is presented on a completely white background, making it a breeze either to place the image as a free shape within your document, or to flip, crop, manipulate, combine, or paste it onto any scenario of your choice!

This User Guide offers a instructions and a few tips on how you can manipulate the BODYSHOTS® images found on the BodyShots Business CD-ROM - check the menu bar at the top to go to a specific chapter or start at Section 1 - Modes and File Formats.

The images on the BODYSHOTS CD-ROM are Copyright © 1994-2005 Digital Wisdom Incorporated - BodyShots is a trademark of Digital Wisdom Inc.

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