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Frequently Asked Questions - BodyShots
For additional information, please see the BodyShots Online User Guide.

Q: I cannot get the cut and paste on BodyShots to work.

A: We have prepared detailed instructions using Adobe Photoshop. Please see chapter 5 of the BodyShots User Guide on disk included with product. Typically use the "Magic Wand" and select the white background. Then invert the selection and copy the selected image to your own artwork. You may have to Shift-click the magic wand to select non-contiguous white background areas such as an elbow crook.

Q: Can the images be converted to grayscale?

A: Yes, in Photoshop, use Mode and click Grayscale. The contrast of the image can be altered using Image > Adjust > Curves or Brightness/Contrast.

Q: On Windows, I cannot get the Browser to find images with “contains” names.

A: Pull down “Everything” and click “Notes”, then enter your search descriptor.

Q: How can I get Adobe PageMaker to display an image instead of a grey box?

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